( Ch. Night And Day des Marécages du Prince x Lynaire Secret Love )
born 15/11/98

She had a litter in February 2001 with Lynaire Silver Josh

Her children/ses enfants:
- Ch. Satisfaction Guaranteed des Marécages du Prince
- Slave To Love des Marécages du Prince
- Sweet Dream des Marécages du Prince

Sire :

Ch.Night And Day des Marécages du Prince

Super Cool of Slatestone Sanside Soul Brother Ch. Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern
Mybern Myella
Ch. Glamour Marylou de Florange Charme Fou de Florange
Troydon Kyalie
Joy of The Night des Marécages du Prince Esquire of Everblue Mybern Master Raffles
Lansingh's Dainty-Dinah
French Marygold de Florange Alph d'Or de Florange
Deb's Darling de Florange

Dam :

Lynaire Secret Love

Juraleen The Jazzsinger at Lynaire Mallicot Love Storm Brettonpark Love on The Rocks of Mallicot
Brettonpark Love Story of Mallicot
Lynaire Private Dancer Lynaire All in Gold
Lynaire Pussy Galove
Lynaire Midnight Star Tanryn Midnight Express at Lynaire Amalie Envoy in Black
Ch. Lynaire Silver Sonnet
Lynaire Kraftwerk Ch. Midnight Flyer of Lynaire at Aberhill
Ch. Lynaire She's A Model