(Ch. Starbrook Touch of Gold at Lynaire x Saheltra Strawberry Crush at Jopium)

 Sire :


Ch. Starbrook Touch of Gold at Lynaire

Ch. Pelido Double Fantasy Ch. Arranbrook Mr Chips of Aberhill Sangreat Sorroco of Arranbrook
Brettonpark Burnished Gold
Pelido French Knickers Ch. Little Caesar at Corydon
Brettonpark Golden Dream at Pelido
Starbrook Dream Lover  Lynaire Man in Black Ch. Karava Kornishman
Ch. Lynaire Chiquitita
Lynaire Angel in Blue Ch. Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern
Lynaire Lady In Blue

 Dam :

Saheltra Strawberry Crush at Jopium

Ch. Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar Ch. Mirpet Matt Bianco Ch. Brilyn Supertramp
Emma Peel of Mirpet
Ch. Brilyn Painted Lady Ch. Jasand Young Winston
Ch. Lanteague Black Magic at Brilyn
Saheltra Something Good Gwendale Triple Trouble at Steelhurst Bhyllsacre All In Gold
Saheltra's Idle Gossip at Gwendale
Saheltra Silk'N'Honey Saheltra Sweepstake
Saheltra Angel Fingers