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(Ch. Edward de la Bergerie des Quatre Vents x Fusslie d'Or des Marécages du Prince)

Sable bitch born : 09/05/93 - CEA/HD clear - Recommended by the French Collie Club

Brooke has the same pedigree as Illary. She was born in May 93 too. Because of her good temper she was selected for the shows.

Here are her main show results :

RCAC, RCACIB in Périgueux (France- 26/03/95- judge MrKérihuel) - 1st Exc and Best in Show at the French collie Club show in Saint-Pierre d'Aurillac (F- 16/04/95- Mr Lalanne de Jonquel) - CAC, CACIB in Nice (F- 19/04/95- Mr Kérihuel) - RCAC in Monaco (M- 20/04/95- Mr Sénécat) - CAC, BOB in Châtel-Guyon (F- 14/05/95- Mr Lalanne de Jonquel) - RCAC, RCACIB in Lyon (F- 21/05/95- Mr Larive) - RCAC in Lille (F- 03/03/96- Mr Brixhe) - RCAC, RCACIB in Monaco (M- 16/03/96- Mr Varszegi) - CAC, CACIB, BOB in Toulon (F- 22/03/96- Mrs Perez) - RCAC, RCACIB in Limoges (F- 13/04/96- Mr Larive) - RCAC in San Sébastian (Spain- 05/05/96- Mr Guilain) - CAC, CACIB, BOB in San Rémo (Italia- 25/04/97- Mrs Clarck) - RCAC, RCACIB in Badajoz (Spain- 11/05/97- Mr Texeira) - CAC, CACIB, BOB in Médina de Pomar (Spain- 30/06/97- Mr De Biedma) so she is International Champion - RCAC, RCACIB in Evian (F- 00/08/97) - CACIB in Lyon (F- 27/06/99- Mr Mocque) - RCACIB in Brive (F- 04/07/99- Mr Kérihuel).

 Sire :


Ch. Edward de la Bergerie des Quatre Vents

 Pelido Kings Councel  Ch Brilyn Supertramp  Ch.Mybern's Minstrel
 Brilyn Duchesse Lace
 Pelido Hot Silk  Brettonpark Latest Love of Pelido
 Pelido Juliet
 Vladie de la Bergerie des Quatre Vents  Mallicot Super Trooper  Brettonpark Country Tweed
 Mallicot A May Zing
 Orphie  Inbatte de Barcoland

 Dam :

Fusslie d'Or des Marécages du Prince

 Caprice de Florange Jamesfair Wee Willie Winkle  Ch.Mybern's Mandane
 Jamesfair Truly Scrumpcuss
 Une Belle Nuit de Florange Selmore So We Return at Lynway
 Pepite d'Or de Florange
 Calamity Jane de Florange  Jamesfair Wee Willie Winkle  Ch. Mybern's Mandane
 Jamesfair Truly Scrumpcuss
 Delighful Deb of Brilyn  Ch Brilyn Supertramp
 Kabardin Jenna

From the first litter with Ch Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar (Mirpet Matt Bianco x Brilyn Painted Lady) we kept a playful bitch Orageuse et Ténébreuse des Marécages du Prince "Bridget" born in September 98.

From the second litter in September 1999 with Old Golden Gates Arresting Mind, we kept Presqu'Ile-de-France des Marécages du Prince - while his brother, Parlez-Moi d'Amour des Marécages du Prince ,both owns to Jean-Louis Deillon and us. (See also Portrait d'un Prince)

From the third litter, in September 2000,with Opération Tonnerre des Marécages du Prince, see Rendez-vous Galant des Marécages du Prince.

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